Vocational Training


The women of Korogocho struggles a lot to survive with their children to make ends meet. Some good Christian ladies lose their faith in Christ just because of lives’ economic harshness in trying to fend for their young ones. VPM is down to earth ministry that seek to reach out to these women of Korogocho with alternative answers to their problems.
Through our social workers, women groups in Korogocho and our church members , we manage to reach the desperate women in the slums by bringing them to VPM to enroll in our one year course in Tailoring/ Dressmaking , Knitting and embroidery.
After one year these ladies sit for Government Trade Test Grade III to qualify for skilled labour eligible for employment or start their own businesses despite their level of education.


Many ladies have been rescued from desperation to successful dignified women earning a honest living through skills acquired at our Women Vocational Training. Work Aid UK Charity has over the years supplied VPM with tools and tailoring machines needed in our women vocational training.
Majority of our women students are school dropouts and the reformed from prostitution. We currently have 17 women undergoing training in tailoring and dress making, embroidery and knitting. Our professional tutor is Mrs. Monica Gitonga.

The training takes 1 year to complete and the current group shall be sitting for their exams on 15th December 2017 for Grade III Trade Test in tailoring/dressmaking, knitting and embroidery.

Our goal with this project is to empower the women of Korogocho with skills for self-supporting businesses, earn an honest living and stop prostitution in order to support their families.

WorkAid UK have sent 33 boxes of tools and machines to help Women Vocational Training and Gifts to those who wants to start Self Help Projects and Employments to earn a honest living for their families.


The Seven women graduates of last year were given each a gift of machines from Workaid UK after passing their Grade III Trade Test to help them start
productive lives.