Vision Peoples in Mission orphanage continues to be a refuge for many Korogocho children who are being rescued from garbage dump scavenging for valuables, glue sniffing and substance abuse. The grants from Epsom Baptist Church, VPM UK Trustees in England and St Anne’s London Ontario Canada boosted the construction up to where it has reached today.

Whatever kind of the children, our social workers’ job with the help of the church members is to find them at Korogocho dumpsite talk to them to find out what is the problem and bring them to our school for feeding programme and further help. After counseling , they are then registered to our church children department awaiting further recommendations for either join our orphanage or forster home. Over 50 children have been taken to the forster homes once they get a sponsor.

We have two kinds of orphans in our orphanage:-

a) Those children whose parents die leaving them behind in the care of a relative who also has her/his children to take care of. These kind of relatives normally give much attention to their own biological children than the orphans of the passed on relatives. These orphans then would usually fend for themselves by going to Korogocho dumpsite to scavenge for the valuables for sale to raise money for glue sniffing ,substance abuse and/or buy food.
b) Other children from upcountry running away from parents or /and are mislead to come to Nairobi city with a lie that life is better in the city. When they realize that their hopes has turned to hopelessness they turn to Korogocho dumpsite to scavenge for valuables for sale. These kind of children need a lot of counseling and support for them to get the kind of help they need.


We are kindly appealing for sponsors to help a needy children in Korogocho slums. It costs only £10 per month to sponsor a child in Korogocho which covers food, clothing and medical provision.