Haven School


Many families in Korogocho have 7 or more family members living in a 10 x 10 square metres room or even smaller. Most families don’t have fathers for various reasons; some fathers walked away never to come back running away from family responsibilities , others for lack of jobs while others simply died of HIV/AIDS related diseases leaving mothers behind to look after larger families. Mothers remain toiling with their large families alone and looking for all kind of jobs including charcoal selling, selling scavenged items from Korogocho dumpsite, selling illicit brews and others survive on prostitution to fend for several children.

This leaves the children vulnerable to all vices including glue sniffing, scavenging at Korogocho dumpsite , street begging (at times with their mothers) and petty crime of snatching and mugging passersby’s valuables and disappear in the Korogocho shanties. These are the type of children that makes up the population of our Haven Primary School . Many of these children are reached out by our social workers and our VMC church members.

Our school has done two final national examinations of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education twice, in 2014 and 2015. In both years all our pupils have
passed with pass mark ( except 3 pupils of last year).


Most of the pupils have managed to join Form One of High school education with the sponsors in the UK and Canada while others have joined our vocational training to learn a skill in Tailoring/Dressmaking, Embroidery & Knitting for a better future.