VPM medical centre was started in February 2001 to provide curative and preventative health services to Korogocho residents who otherwise have no healthcare provision. This year we have some new staff members in our clinic team, due to an increase in the number of both in-patients and out-patients.

The VPM Medical Centre is like an oasis in the desert where little water satisfies the thirst of many in the wilderness. Our small facility of only 8 beds, handles an average of 200 inpatients and 700 outpatients every month for both curative and preventative health services.

Our nurse, Mrs. Beryl Akinyi Oloo is in the charge, assisted by clinical officer Mr. Dominic Ongweso and Mrs. Mary Olendo. They are all working under Dr. Miriam Etole, who works on part-time basis as she is an employee of the government.

We run a pharmacy, laboratory services and maternity. We are currently getting medicine subsidies from MEDS. Many of the diseases we treat are STDs, wound stitches, malaria, Tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid cases, bilharzias and skin diseases and stitching wounds. Most of our drugs are given for free because most patients cannot afford to pay. We need a goodwill support and donations to keep our health services going. We also have counseling sessions currently handled by Mrs. Mary Olendo, a professional nurse and counselor.

We keep waiving fees for poor patients not only because they cannot afford to pay but because of our status as a charitable institution that seek to present Jesus to the world that doesn’t know Him. Please pray and support our medical centre for VPM to keep our clinic up and running.

The clinic serves the entire population of Korogocho.  Frequent diseases that the clinic treats are water borne diseases; typhoid, dysentry, diarrhoea, Bilharzia, Sexually transmitted diseases, malaria, meningitis . Most of our patients are HIV positive, and many of these prevalent diseases hit them so hard that many die if they are not treated quickly and appropriately.  Monthly VPM clinic records show that in an average month we have:

  • about 650 out-patients, both in-patient and out-patients
  • Over 200 malaria and pneumonia patients (mostly children)
  • over 250 vaccinations of children against BCG, Tuberculosis, Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio
  • Around 25 maternity patients.


Donations given towards the expenses of the clinic go a long way! We continue to get our medicine and medical supplies from Mission for Essential Drug and Supplies (MEDS). MEDS is a Christian medical charity non-profit making which was formed in conjunction with the Catholic Secretariat and Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK). MEDS sales medicine and medical supplies at a subsidized cost to charitable Christian organisations working among the very poor people in slums and remote areas of Kenya.