Visit to Australia

The VPM director, Rev. Franklyn Otwoma, has returned from his 2 week Australia trip in September 2016. He was invited by International Communion of Charismatic Churches (ICCC) Australia through its Bishop, Harry Westcott.
Rev. Otwoma was the special guest speaker at their 28th Old Fashioned Revival Camp meeting held at the headquarters of Vision Ministries Inc at Mamre Farm Alectown, NSW from 24th – 29th September 2016.
Franklyn and Harry have a long history dating back to 1986 when Franklyn graduated from this Vision Bible College in correspondence as Franklyn was also his resident Bible College in Kenya.

After 30 years of losing each other, they were linked once again in 2015 through the internet and this prompted the invitation from Bishop Harry Westcott for the fellowship.

Rev. Franklyn Otwoma meeting for the first time on 22nd September 2016, after 30 years of loosing each other, with Bishop Harry & Lady Doreen Westcott of Vision Ministries Australia at Mamre Farm, Parkes New South Wales, Australia.


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