Revd. Franklyn Otwoma - VPM NATIONAL DIRECTOR

Revd. Franklyn Otwoma – VPM NATIONAL DIRECTOR

Warm Christian greetings to all VPM friends and supporters from Nairobi in Jesus Name.

We appreciate your support  to  VPM centre  at Korogocho  and  that’s why  I take the liberty  to write  you this personal letter.

We  are facing imminent  displacement if we don’t adhere to the laws of Korogocho upgrading Programme from Nairobi County Government. Korogocho  slums was  earmarked  for slum upgrading  programme  by the Kenya Government several years ago. This  intends  to remove  shanty houses  and be replaced  by modern permanent  ones  for low income  earners befitting residents   of Korogocho. Every structure  owner  in Korogocho including VPM  were notified of the upcoming  upgrading programme . Surveys were   done, roads tarmacked   and  electricity installed. Before upgrading programme, the President   of the Republic of Kenya  on 19th October  2004  presented to me  VPM Land Titledeed on behalf  of VPM fraternity. Now again with  the new plans of upgrading , VPM was added  more land  by the Government to encourage  VPM expand   services to the needy Korogocho residents in  the name of our  Lord Jesus Christ.

VPM is to abide  by the law  to replace  our  temporary centre  with modern permanent  buildings  within a shortest time possible. We have therefore hired  Architects  and Quantity  Surveyor  to do professional  designs  and quotations  for VPM new permanent  center in Korogocho presented to Urban planning department  Nairobi City County Government.  Bills of Quantity has estimated the funds needed as Kshs 39,370,020  (Kenya Shillings Thirty Nine Million Three Hundred Seventy Thousand  Twenty Only ) or US  Dollars  393,700 (US Dollars Thee Hundred Ninety Three Thousand  Seven Hundred only).

I am  writing this letter to kindly  request  for  your prayers,  gracious  and generous financial support  towards  this project by donating how  the Lord leads you.   We realize that the funds needed for this project is huge but we are kindly counting on your donation so that we can together all make it happen. Please   we would like kindly to hear from you. If you would like more information, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you, as on our knees praying!

  1. The needed funds to develop new and permanent VPM Center in Korogocho as requested by the Authorities
  2. The sponsors to help several desperate and poor children with sponsorship to give them a hope for the future
  3. School running cost of writing materials and feeding program to the needy and hungry children yearning for education  at our haven school
  4. Orphanage sponsorship of extra needed materials in the provided detailed list.
  5. Medical supplies and medicines at our VPM medical center

Please  we would like kindly to hear from you. If you would like more information, please contact us.


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